Happy Earth Day

Spend this Earth Day with local green-friendly stores at Belle Hall! From environmentally friendly packaging to food waste initiatives and restoration efforts, here are some local stores who are working together to provide for a more sustainable future!

Butterfly Consignments

Butterfly Consignments is a fun, fashion-forward Women's Designer Consignment Boutique that offers brand labels, like new, in season, in style women's fashionable clothing and accessories. 

Sustainability Impact: The fashion industry is responsible for a lot of pollution. According to the United Nations, it produces 20% of the world’s wastewater and 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. Shopping secondhand fashion helps by extending the lifespan of these items, making it both affordable and better for the environment.


Enjoy delicious sunny refreshers and tasty coffee at Starbucks!

Sustainability Impact: Starbucks is committed to becoming resource positive - to give more than they take from the planet. They have set a multi-decade commitment to reduce their carbon, water, and waste footprints by half in 2030! Their 2030 goals will not only reduce the company's environmental impact but also strengthen the entire supply chain from agriculture practices, to how stores are powered, and an environmentally friendly menu.


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The main squeeze

The Main Squeeze has delicious, made to order juices and smoothies using whole fruits and vegetables for every drink!

Sustainability Impact: After 25 years The Main Squeeze were ready for a change! They have moved away from these plastics as they pollute the recycling stream and also do not break down efficiently in home composts.  So they are opting for paper, glass and plastic, all of which are recyclable.  Some of their deli packaging can even be returned, sanitized and reused.

Behind the scenes we have made some progress as well. The dish room now boosts scrubbers made from coconut, not plastic. Even their brooms got a glow up from plastic, to natural bristles with a recycled aluminum handle. During their recent remodel they were able to make some good choices using low VOC paints and installing 100% LED lighting. They were also able to donate old lights, ceiling fans and lots of scrap to Habitat for Humanity!


Verde uses a selection of fresh from the farm produce to make AMAZING fresh wraps and salads!

Sustainability Impact: Green isn't just their favorite color! Verde is dedicated to being green inside and out by making it easy for you to experience the benefits of eating, going, and being green! To them, eating green signifies making healthy food choices. Since the beginning, creating menu items packed with whole, nutrient-dense foods that both satisfy taste buds and satiate hunger has been their top priority. The only preservative they use is the refrigerator and the only bag you'll see is for your to-go order!


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